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About Us

The aim of this site is to be the 'one-stop' location to which wargamers and collectors can come to get an unbias view on the availability, quality and prices of plastic wargames and collectable figures abailable in the UK today.

The last few years has seen an explosion in the 'Hard Plastic' miniature figures market, with the release of numerous new sets by many companies, both old and new.

From the market pioneers - Valient Miniatures to Perry Minaitures and Warlord have a number of fine ranges. We have also seen the entry of the big manufacturers like HAT and an increaing number of smaller, dynamic players such as Gripping Beast! At the same time we have seen the rise and demise of companies such as Immortal Minatutures (now part of Warlord Games), so it is a vibrant, dynamic industry.

Initialy this site will be concentrating on any 28mm (1/56) or smaller figures, we are of course aware of the larger 54mm (1/32) offerings from various companies, our rational is that these tend (although not exclusively) to be geared towards the model making market rather than wargames market. That said we may list some of these larger scale figurs if the fancy takes us!

The other important point is that we'll not get too precious about the plastic content of ome of these company's offreings. Companies such as Warlord have numerous boxed sets based around the same figure rames - for example ECW Foote... many of these boxed sets come with cast metal accessories and special figures to alow the same boxed set to represent Scots Coventors, Thirty Years War Swedish Foot etc. We'll try and deal with these in a balanced way!

The SAS Wargames Club is a group of friends who meet on a weekly basis in the Horsham (West Sussex, UK) area, to indulge in our favourite pastime - playing with toy soldiers!

We try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we do take our hobby seriously! We wargame many periods from Moderns and WW2 through ACW and Napoleonics to Medeval and Ancients. Club members have extensive figure collections in a number of scales, between us we have over 400 years of wargaming experience - so we kow what works and what doesn't! Not that we always put that knowledge into practice in an effective manner....