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Friday, 25 January 2013

Wargames Factory - 28mm WSS Artillery

This boxed set enables you to build a two gun section of artillery from the War of Spanish Succession (WSS), as with other sets in this range, the figures are generic, so that they can be built and painted to represent any nationality.

The set contains two frames - see picture below right - each frame contains the parts to build one gun with either a 12lb or 6lb barrel. Additionally there are 4 crew figures which come, each moulded as a torso & legs, to which you can add a variety of arms to create a umber of alternative poses. Finally the frame contans a mounted officer to command the gun section.

As ever there are a few additional extras on the frame - as we have come to expect from Wargames Factory - a bucket and neat piles of cannon balls plus a couple of barrels.

For the price these are good value, the crew are workman like and represented well, as ever with Wargames Factory figures they do seem a little tall and thin to my eye. That said the mounted officer is very good - if  alittle fiddly to put together as both his legs and arms are seperate and they are all small! There are options for the officer to be waving his tricorne or his sword - take your pick.

The only disappointment is the horse, as with the horses in the WSS Cavalry set, there is something not quite right about them to me. (See more in that review - here) However, it would be a simple task to substitue another manufaturer's horse...