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Friday, 25 January 2013

Wargames Factory

Wargames Factory is the first American company to appear on this site, it is also unique in that it uses computer assisted design techniques to sculpt and produce their offerings, which are manufactured in China.

Wargames Factory boxed sets are typlically rich in parts - allowing many variations of pose to be achieved - yet to many people,  the quality of their figures is best described as goob not great.

That said, I think that the company has been the first to say that they have been going through a learning curve, their more recent output is of a much beeter quality than some of their earlier offerings. Their production techniques has meant that they have been able to get a lot ofproduct to market in a relatively short period of time.

Wargames factory website <Here>


Product List

28mm Heavy Armor Greek Hoplites
28mm Persian Cavalry
28mm Persian Infantry
28mm Ancient German Cavalry
28mm Ancient German Infantry
28mm Caesar's Legions
28mm Celt Cavalry
28mm Celt Chariots
28mm Celt Warband
28mm Numidians
28mm Roman Cavalry

Dark Ages
28mm Saxon Fryd
28mm Saxon Thegns
28mm Viking Bondi
28mm Viking Huscarls

28mm 16th Century Ashigaru Missle Men
28mm 16th Century Ashigaru Spearmen
28mm Samurai Cavalry
28mm Samurai Warriors

War of Spanish Succession
28mm Infantry
28mm Cavalry
28mm Artillery

28mm British Infantry
28mm Zulus

15mm German Infantry
28mm German Infantry
28mm American Infantry

28mm Red Army INfantry

More somming soon...