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Friday, 25 January 2013

Wargames Factory - 28mm WSS Cavalry

Following on from the successful release of their WSS Infantry, Wargames Factory have now released their War of Spanish Succession (WSS) Cavalry boxed set.

The sculptor has cleverly designed a set that allows for the creation of models that represent the wide range of cavalry types that were present on the battlefield of the early 1700s.

As such the set can be made into 12-Horsemen and so it comes with 12-horses, 12-sets of legs for riders, over 50-torsos (including armored torsos for cuirassiers) and over 60-heads (including tri-corn, helmeted, grenadier and dragoon headwear).  See picture of frame below left.

Additionally the models can be armed with a brace of pistols, muskets / carbines and / or swords.  For even greater flexibility and variety the heads and accessories are interchangeable with the WSS Infantry set for even more options!

That's all good, now the not so good....

My main issue with this set are the horses. First when built they just don't look that convincing, in my opinion they are too small and they do not seem to have the level of animation or movement I would expect to see.

Second issue is with the riders, when built they look good but as each arm & leg comes separate, along with seperate head the model is just far too fiddly to build. moulding the legs alrady joined would be a great help....

I have to say that overall I'm a little disappointed by this set, I have opted to use horses from an different manufacturer as I think these lok better - but for value for money these are good. I guess you pays youty money and makes your choice!