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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Conquest Games - 28mm Norman Infantry

Following on from Conquest Games' Norma Knights boxed set, this is a welcome addition to their range.The set contains 8 infantry frames (see below left) each of which have enough parts to assemble five figures, in a selection of mail, quilted Gambeson or simple cloth attire, there are also a wide selection of weapons such as swords, spears and axes to equip your warriors as well as 7 shields, (5 x Kite plus 2 x Round).

There are also 2 command frames, (see above  right) each containing 2 figures, in suitably high status attire, to enable the building of leaders and standard bearers etc. there is also a bonus casualty marker on the frame, not included in the 44 figure box count, a nice touch....
The design of the figures is such that the basic torso / legs of the figure found on each frame also have the tops or each arm moulded in place. this means that the weapons and shields are moulded with forearms attached, making it a simple (and a lot less fiddly) to attached these to the main body of the figure.
As an aside this makes it simpler to paint the figures ( paint the parts and then assemble, touching-up any glue marks after assembly - particularly good for painting behind the shields!).

Only area that Conquest have skimped in this set is that there are only 5 heads on each frame, it would have been good to have had more variety, though as this set is compatible with their mounted knights set - this is an alternative source for more heads.

RRP per Box
Figures per Box
Cost per Figure
As of Feb 2013. (Multi Box Deals available to drive cost down further).

More coming soon ...