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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Warlord Games - 28mm Celtic Warriors

Warlord Games released this boxed set with the aim using the two basic frames included with the set as the basis for a number of future releases.

This boxed set contains 40 multi-part, hard plastic 28mm Celtic Warriors, and the set consists of two each of the frames shown below, right and left.

Each figure can be built in a variety of ways, by combining seperate leg pieces with torsos and arms - to give an exciting variety of poses that you would expect to see in an irregular unit. With each figure comes a selection of weapon options such as spear, sword and javelins and with extras such as spare weapons, helmet icons and severed heads.

Uniquely the set also contains a set of self-adhesive shield stickers to add to the figures. These have come in foe some criticism , from some quarters - many preferring the use of transfers - as with the company's Roman infantry boxed set.

That said, with careful trimming, and application of varnish to ensure the 'stickers' don't peal, the end result is quite acceptable.

When constructing the figures, the initial thought is that there are almost limitless combinations of poses that can be made. This is not so - check the dress of the torso to the dress of the legs, the reality is that these are limited as you need to ensure armoured torsos are joined to armoured legs / waist s and similar to bare chested figures. This is not a problem - just a point to consider.

RRP per Box
Figures per Box
Cost per Figure
           As of  Feb 2013.  (Multi Box Deals available to drive cost down further).  

More coming soon...