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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valiant Minaitures - 25mm German Infantry 1943/45

The second release in Valiant Miniatures range, this set builds on all the good work achieved in their first set but also continues the scale issue discussed in that review. These are 'big' 25mm, way too big to mix with other 20mm figures and a 'tad' too small to mix well with 28mm ranges.
The set contains four frames, all exactly the same, which allow the building of 68 figures in a wide variety of poses and weapon variants. Additionally Valiant have taken advantage of this to provide a number of figures with separate or optional parts which expands the basic 13 poses seen on each frame (picture to come).
Each frame has five torsos/legs combined plus a variety of left arms carrying binoculars, an ammunition box, a Panzerschreck, a rifle (x2) and empty-handed (x2) . The right arms on the frame have a mortar bomb, a Panzerfaust (x2), an MP44 assault rifle (x2) and empty handed (x2).

Also included on each frame is a MG42 mounted on a Lafayette tripod and a 81mm Mortar, both well modelled. 

Again this set is designed with the 'Rapid Fire!' wargames system in mind, this means al the elements required to build a German Infantry Battalion under the rules of that system are available and as such the set represents great value for money.

We have already mentioned the fact that the sculpting style and figure size are not a good mix with other manufacturers ranges - so we won't dwell on this. It is quite feasible to build your whole collection from these boxed sets, very little else would be needed.

RRP per Box
Figures per Box
Cost per Figure
           As of  Feb 2013.  

More coming soon...