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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Perry Miniatures - 28mm AWI British Infantry

Perry Miniatures have indicated that this set will be the first in a series of plastic AWI sets that will also include American Militia and Continentals.

Shown below is the infantry sprue, containing 5 figures, all sculpted in cut-down coats and one piece overalls which places them in the later AWI period - post 1776.

As can be seen each figure will have a choice of three pieces of head gear, fully cocked 'tricorne', slouch/half cocked hats and the ‘Saratoga’ cut down hat which should cover most theatres of campaign in America. As such it is the hats, not the heads that are interchangeable - much like their previous ACW releases.

Note, that there are no specific Grenadier or Light Infantry figures and these will likely be supplied by figures in the Perry's Metal range or future plastic releases. This is not really an issue as it was typical that a British regiment's flank companies were detached for combined light and grenadier battalions.

Each figure also carries the regulation kit including the 'tumplines' (rolled blankets), which would have been the typical look of British infantry in America.

Each figure gets the choice of two sets of arms, either 'at trail' or 'charging', to allow for additional variety of figure pose.

At right can be seen the Command frame, which includes the 2 additional casualty figures, plus six other figures to create officers, drummers, standard bearers and sergeants. There is the usual selection of hats and alternative arms and weapons to help customise the set.

Finally, the set also includes 2 casualty figures, not counted in the 36 pieces advertised for the box.

RRP per Box
Figures per Box
Cost per Figure
As of Sep 2013. (Multi Box Deals available to drive cost down further).

More to come ...